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The Messy Gourmet  

Review by Debbie Mazo


The debate has waged for decades over the virtues of cooking neat versus cooking messy. If your cooking area looks more like a war zone than a kitchen nook, don't despair. Head on over to Messy Gourmet, and discover the joys of cooking messy.

Dedicated to the clumsy in all of us, The Messy Gourmet can give you the courage to face even your toughest cooking challenges. First stop on your visit, check into The Messy Gourmet Manifesto where you're bound to be inspired by the site's recipe for success. According to the Manifesto, there is no right or wrong way to cook. Great stuff can happen even from accidents (just call it accidental cuisine). After all, the bottom line is that the messier you are, the more fun you have cooking.

Messy Gourmet Now that you've chanted your favorite Messy Gourmet mantra, you can explore some of the other riches of the site, including articles on cool gadgets to help create your masterpieces. Even messy gourmets need the proper tools, like a well-functioning pepper mill to season your creations at key moments. Click on Archive and discover other secrets of the trade like a wooden-handled cheese plane for slicing your hard cheese to perfection.

If you've never had a nasty kitchen stain while cooking, you haven't lived. Confessions of a Klutz and other tales will prove that you're not alone. Stain-busting tips for pesky tomato stains include leaving the tomato stained item out in the sun for a few hours and letting the stain vanish. After cooking with tomato sauce, try rinsing the container out with cold water before washing it with the hot water and soap.

Even messy cooks have been known to come up with innovative recipes. Follow the philosophy of Messy Gourmet and throw your measuring cup and spoon out the window because the recipes at this site require only pinches and dashes. Guaranteed to get you off your feet, Dancing with Ginger is "a cut above the ordinary dish". Red and green bell peppers contrast the color of mushrooms while ginger and vinegar give a zip to this unique creation. If you're unlucky with your vinegar bottle, there's a tip for removing the evidence: sprinkle the stain with baking soda, dampen with water allowing it to stand till bubbling stops, then rinse well in warm water.

Messy cooks love to share their tips and you'll find plenty of them on the site—like rubbing your hands on your faUcet or a stainless steel spoon to make garlic odor disappear. Full of savvy advice, Messy Gourmet is here to help turn all of your cooking disasters into gourmet triumphs.


About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.

Copyright © 2000, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.


    June 2000


This page created June 2000