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Review by Debbie Mazo


More than just a food, sushi is an art form in Japan and a way of life for many North Americans. In recent years, the sushi bar has quietly transformed into a place where friends can chat while sipping Japanese green tea and tasting exotic combinations of raw fish. Offering a bit of food and a bit of culture, StickyRice is an online meeting place for all sushi lovers to visit. At StickyRice, you can discover sushi basics, learn how to make sushi yourself, even send email to the online sushi chef with your most pressing sushi enquiries.

StickyRice If you're new to the world of sushi, check into the Tutorial to get first rate instructions on preparing the perfect California Roll. Using basic ingredients like haas cucumbers, crab meat, avocado, and sheets of Nori (Japanese seaweed wrappers), you'll get step-by-step instructions on creating a sushi masterpiece. The tutorial also includes pictorials demonstrating the best preparation techniques including pressing and pushing the rice to cover the Nori and cutting your roll so that the rice doesn't stick to the knife (use a sharp knife to ensure that the rice doesn't stick to the knife).

To test out popular sushi variations and more, click on Recipes. For sushi with a bit of a kick, sample the Spicy Tuna Roll—a combination of fresh chopped tuna, kewpie mayonnaise, smelt eggs, and sriracha hot sauce (Vietnamese chili sauce). For the less adventurous, there's standard creations like the Shrimp Tempura Roll consisting of crab mix, cucumber slices, kiware radish sprouts, avocado, and a touch of cream cheese. You'll also find a recipe for the all-important sticky rice, the defining element of all sushi recipes.

If you still have questions, the online chef at StickyRice has the answers. Click on FAQs for questions most frequently asked including how to buy fresh fish (one suggestion is to approach local sushi chefs to find out where their buyers go to get their fish). You can also solve all of your seaweed riddles here like finding out the best type of seaweed for your rolls (use roasted rather than dried seaweed).

Sushi chefs live and breathe by their tools like the Yanagi knife for slicing sushi and the Usuba knife for cutting vegetables. At StickyRice, you can discover the essentials for slicing your sushi and buy them in the Sushi store, an online opportunity to purchase what has been normally reserved for restaurants and sushi bars. Whether you plan to make your own or you're content with just being a spectator, StickyRice is guaranteed to satisfy anyone's sushi yen.

About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.

Copyright © 2000, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.


    May 2000


This page created May 2000