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Review by Debbie Mazo


Even outside of Asia, it's hard to find a place where food hasn't been influenced by some aspect of the region's cooking. From elegant cafes to trendy delis, the foods of China, Japan, and Thailand have now become mainstream with cooks around the world taking advantage of the ingredients that have made Asian food popular for centuries. Take a trip to the Far Eastern way of cooking when you visit

To cook Asian food, you need to get to know the origins of this popular cuisine. Offering a lot more than your average commercial food website, introduces you to all the traditional intricacies that make up Asian cooking. With its goal of educating and informing site visitors, covers the far corners of the world when it comes to the food culture that makes up the Asian peninsula. For the people of Asia, a commitment to a healthy balance crosses all borders whether its dining, work, or entertainment. Click on the Asian Culture pages and you'll get an inside look at the food customs and etiquette of the region. For example, if you've ever been curious about how noodles are made, browse through the online photos demonstrating the techniques for hand-pulling used in China. While you're there, explore pointers on preparing and serving soup noodles like adding noodles only after the water is boiling, and stirring noodles occasionally with chopsticks or tongs to untangle. For more how-tos on Asian cooking, click on Tips & Techniques where you'll learn how to make the most of Asian ingredients. Here, you'll find topics like Preparing Blue Crabs covering everything from buying blue crabs to preparing crabs Asian style to freezing and storing suggestions.

When it comes to recipes that demonstrate the unique qualities of Asian food, has a collection guaranteed to "expand your palate and feed your soul". Feel like something spicy? Then, sample a garlicky sharp selection like Beef in Garlic Sauce or sink your chopsticks into a fiery Curry dish like Jungle Curry full of crunchy vegetables simmered in coconut milk. Browse the Recipe Index and you'll find even more categories to select from including peanut sauce and soy-flavored soup bases and poultry dishes like Chicken Leek Wrap. If you want to find out more about unique ingredients, flip through the pages of the online Glossary to gain a better understanding of the terms associated with Asian food.

Need help in the kitchen? Then, fill your online shopping cart with all kinds of exotic sauces, spices, pastes, and noodles. To make preparation a breeze, you can also pick up Asian cooking essentials like stir-fry pans, bamboo steamers, and knife sets to help improve your eastern culinary technique.

Full of ideas to stimulate your imagination and your taste buds, guides you through the diverse cuisine that has delighted Asian food lovers for centuries.


About the Writer

Debbie Mazo is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently specializes in technical and marketing materials, but is also pursuing opportunities in food journalism.

Copyright © 2000, Debbie Mazo. All rights reserved.


    March 2000


This page created March 2000