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Vietnamese cuisine is divided into three regions: North, heavily influenced by China; South, more influenced by the French; and Central, spicier and more complex than cooking in the northern or southern regions of Vietnam. A typical meal might include roasted meat or fish, stir-fry vegetables, rice, soup, and fish and soy sauces.

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Pho bo Hanoi (Hanoi soup): a substantial beef and rice-noodle soup.

Bun bo Hue (beef noodle soup Hue-style): a substantial, meaty, meal-in-one noodle soup flavored with shrimp paste and a little chile heat.

Hu tieu (Saigon soup): noodles with chicken and/or pork and vegetables, either bathed in broth or served with broth on the side in a separate bowl.

Pho ga (Hanoi chicken soup) and mien ga (chicken soup with cellophane noodles): are comforting and sustaining meals-in-one.

Bo vien (beef balls): small, slightly chewy beef meatballs served floating in a clear aromatic broth, sometimes with added rice noodles and fresh herbs.

Nem nuong (grilled meatballs): small pork meatballs, lightly spiced and grilled.

Cha gio (fried spring rolls): rice papers wrapped around finely chopped pork, assorted vegetables, and cellophane noodles, then deep fried; served with fresh greens and dipping sauce.

Excerpt from the original Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Handbook by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford. Reprinted by permission.


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