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Though Spanish cuisine has roots in Roman and Mediterranean cooking, influence from Jewish and Moorish settlers differentiates Spain's cooking from the rest of Europe. Later, Spanish conquistadores brought back numerous foods from the Americas that were then introduced to the rest of Europe, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and beans.

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Spanish Tortilla

In Spain, a tortilla is an omelette of eggs, potatoes, salt and olive oil. Additional ingredients may include peppers, onions, tuna, anchovies, artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms and cucumber. This is very different from Mexico, where tortilla refers to a flatbread of corn or flour.

Amount to serve 4

500 g (1 pound) potatoes
4 eggs
Olive oil

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Fry them in a frying pan at low heat with enough olive oil to cover the potatoes completely. When the potatoes are soft, nearly "boiled" in the oil but not brown, drain them well and mix them with the beaten eggs.

Put this mixture in a non-stick frying pan coated with a very thin film of olive oil, at low heat. Spread the mixture over the bottom of the pan with a pancake turner and shape the edges. After three minutes, invert the tortilla in the pan with the help of a dish or the lid of a pot. Let it cook on the other side in the same way.

It must be golden brown outside, well shaped, and juicy in the center.

Recipe provided by Asoliva of Spain


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