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Though Spanish cuisine has roots in Roman and Mediterranean cooking, influence from Jewish and Moorish settlers differentiates Spain's cooking from the rest of Europe. Later, Spanish conquistadores brought back numerous foods from the Americas that were then introduced to the rest of Europe, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and beans.

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Tortilla—an omelette of eggs, potatoes, salt and olive oil. Additional ingredients may include peppers, onions, tuna, anchovies, artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms and cucumber. (Note: this is very different from Mexico, where tortilla refers to a flatbread of corn or flour.)

Calamares en su tinta—squid in their own ink

Pollo al ajillo con vino—Garlic chicken with wine

Ensalada andalucia de arroz—Andalusian rice salad

Quesillo Flan, Canary style

Albondigas con picada de almendra—meatballs in almond, garlic and parsley sauce

Paella a la marinera—mixed seafood paella, Spain's famous rice dish

Cordorniz en escabeche—marinated quail

Rabo de toro—Oxtail stew

Bacalao al ajo arriero—Dried cod with peppers and tomatoes

Gazpacho—cold tomato soup, almost like a salad


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