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Though Spanish cuisine has roots in Roman and Mediterranean cooking, influence from Jewish and Moorish settlers differentiates Spain's cooking from the rest of Europe. Later, Spanish conquistadores brought back numerous foods from the Americas that were then introduced to the rest of Europe, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and beans.

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Alioli Potatoes

Alioli (or allioli) is a paste popularized in the provinces of Valencia and Catalonia. It is made by pounding garlic with olive oil and salt in a mortar until a smooth texture is obtained. It differs from France's Provençal aioli in that it does not use eggs.

Amount to serve 4 to 6

7 medium sized potatoes
1 garlic clove
1/4 liter (1 cup) mayonnaise
Parsley, minced

Boil the potatoes, unpeeled, using plenty of water. Peel them, cut them into medium sized pieces and sprinkle with salt. When cold, cover with the Alioli sauce which is prepared separately. Sprinkle with plenty of parsley and mix well (carefully).

Alioli sauce: mix the mayonnaise with the raw garlic clove, peeled and crushed in the mortar to a thin paste.

Recipe provided by Asoliva of Spain


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