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Traditional Korean cuisine includes meat, rice, vegetables, tofu and the ubiquitous kimchi, cabbage pickled in garlic and chili peppers. Most meals are served with banchan, side dishes (like kimchi) that are as varied as they are numerous.

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Mixed Vegetables with Beef (Chapche)

Much like a precursor to Japanese sukiyaki, this dish is redolent with vegetables, noodles, beef and is artfully garnished with egg strips.

4 Servings

1-3/4 oz (50 g) bean threads
5 oz (150 g) lean beef
1 green onion
4 dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water
1/3 oz (10 g) dried cloud ear mushrooms, soaked in water
1 oz (30 g) carrot
1 green pepper
2/3 t salad oil
Salt and pepper
Shredded omelet (recipe below)

Sauce A:
2 T soy sauce
1 T sesame oil
1 t each sugar and sake
1/2 t. mirin
Crushed garlic, roasted sesame seeds, finely chopped green onion

Sauce B:
1 t roasted sesame seeds
2/3 t soy sauce
1/2 t sugar
1/3 t sesame oil
Crushed garlic, pepper, MSG

1. In salted boiling water, cook bean threads 3-4 minutes until transparent. Remove from heat.

2. Drain and cut into 2-1/2 in (6.5 cm) length.

3. Cut beef into julienne strips.

4. In a bowl combine sauce A and add beef to marinate.

5. Slice green onion diagonally.

6. Remove stems of shiitake mushrooms and cut into julienne strips.

7. Cut ear mushrooms into bite size pieces. Cut carrot and green pepper into julienne strips.

8. Heat salad oil in a skillet and add green onion. Cook briefly and season with salt and pepper. In the same manner cook all vegetables.

9. Heat salad oil in a skillet and cook beef strips.

10. In a bowl combine sauce B. Add bean threads and mix well.

11. Add vegetables and beef. Mix lightly and transfer to serving bowl. Garnish with shredded omelet.

How to Make A Shredded Omelet

Korean dishes often use this as a colorful garnish. The yolks and whites may also be cooked separately to add two-tone colors.

Do not brown the surface when cooking.

1. Beat 1 egg heat lightly (do not whisk), add a pinch of salt. Pour into hot thinly greased skillet or square omelet pan.

2. Roll the skillet round to spread evenly, over very low heat. When the surface is nearly dry, separate the edges and turn over; cook slightly.

3. Cut into 1 to 1-1/2 in (2.5-4 cm) width and place in layers.

4. Shred finely. 1 egg yields 3 T (1 to 2.5 oz, 40g) shredded omelet


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