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Think of German cuisine and you probably think of sausages, sauerkraut and beer. But Germany's central location in Europe has made it a melting pot of culinary influences, from Italian pasta to the popular Döner kebab invented by Turkish immigrants.

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About Lucy Saunders

Lucy Saunders has chronicled the microbrewery movement since 1987, for such publications as Restaurants & Institutions, The Chicago Tribune, Market Watch, and more. A syndicated columnist (The Beer & Food Companion), and food editor of All About Beer, Saunders has also apprenticed in restaurants specializing in cuisine a la biere in the U.K. And Belgium. She has conducted beer tastings for cooking schools, food writers and magazine editors, and organizations such as the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Her cookbook, Cooking with Beer, was published by Time Life in 1996.

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Cooking with Beer
Taste-Tempting Recipes and Creative Ideas for Matching Beer & Food
by Lucy Saunders
Time-Life Books, $12.95
154 pages, 1996
ISBN 0-7835-4832-X



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