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Think of German cuisine and you probably think of sausages, sauerkraut and beer. But Germany's central location in Europe has made it a melting pot of culinary influences, from Italian pasta to the popular Döner kebab invented by Turkish immigrants.

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A German Chef

(This was written in the 1990's)

My name is Lothar Tubbesing. I am 48 years of age and live in the Town of Luebeck.

I am the chef-owner of one of the oldest restaurants in Germany. Lachswehr, my restaurant and better drinking place, was established in 1188, which can be proven, due to the fact that Emperor Frederic 1st (also knows as "Barbarossa" or Red Beard") wrote to "his" town of Luebeck that the Lachswehr wouldn't belong to the town and should remain in the hand of the earl Adolph of Holstein; and that the Earl gave the right to catch fish at this location. In medieval days, this was normal, for the given right to catch fish was connected to the right to sell beer and spirits.

The town of Luebeck bought the place in 1467; and since then its history can be followed without failure.

The structure is under the protection of historic buildings. We renovated this place two years ago and tried to create a vivid restaurant once again. Our kitchen can be called "New German Regional Kitchen" and we believe in the thoughts of Agricola: SLOW FOOD. Only fresh products are used, as organic as possible, and no use of convenience or prepared goods.

Every order is cooked after the customer orders it. The menu completely changes fortnightly. As a special task, I look at gastronomy as a place by which not only the belly gets fed, but the brains get filled as well. We do actions called "LiteraTisch" a name game of Literature (literatisch) and Table (Tisch). So we invite known artists to read or act out pieces of literature to our customers; and we serve a meal with it.

I employ a staff of 23 on a regular basis, 7 kitchen staff, 8 service staff. All highly skilled staff.

My hobbies are: lyrics and literature, wine, food and guests, guests, guests. And of course, the Internet.



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