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French cuisine has influenced the eating habits of people around the world, especially those who enjoy "haute cuisine" in restaurants. But there are also many regional (or "provincial") styles of cooking that remain unique to France.

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Beef Stew (Pot au Feu)

3 lb. boneless beef rump, tied
3 lb. beef marrow bones, sawed into 3-4" pieces
1 veal knuckle, sawed into pieces
2 qt. beef stock
2 T butter
2 onions
2 carrots, peeled, quartered
1 med. tomato, peeled, seeded, chopped
Bouquet garni (parsley, bay leaf, leek, thyme tied into bundle)
6 whole peppercorns

To prepare the meat, place the rump along with the bones and knuckle into an 8 quart stewpot. Add the beef stock. Cover and bring to a boil. Remove all the foam and scum from the surface of the water.

Melt the butter in a skillet and sauté the onions and carrots for 5-6 minutes.

Meanwhile, reduce the heat under the pot of meat and skim the stock again. Add the onions and carrots to the stock. Also add the tomato, bouquet garni, the peppercorns and salt. Skim again. Partially cover the pot and simmer slowly, skimming as necessary, for 2-1/2 hours. the meat should be almost tender when pierced with a knife. Transfer the meat to a place and cover. Remove the bones from the stock and scoop out the marrow. Reserve marrow and discard bones.

Strain the stock through a fine sieve. Discard the vegetables and skim the surface fat from the stock. Clean the pot, then return the sieved stock to it. Return the meat to the stock and add the following:

6 carrots, peeled, cut into 2" long pieces
3 turnips, peeled, chopped
4 lg. leeks, cleaned, tied
6 new potatoes, scrubbed, quartered

Bring the stock to a boil and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes. Transfer the meat to a carving board, remove the strings, and carve the roast into thin slices. Arrange on a heated platter. Place vegetables around meat. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley, if desired. Add chopped marrow to stock and skim as much fat as possible from the stock. Serve along with meat and vegetables, if desired.



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