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Due to the harsh climate, traditional Finnish cuisine included many grains and berries. Today contemporary Finns enjoy a wide variety of modern foods typical of Western Europe. Hunting and fishing are popular in Finland, with fish, moose and deer plentiful, but restaurants also serve reindeer.

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The export of reindeer meat from Finland is one of the fastest growing segments of the Finnish food industry. But what makes reindeer meat so high in demand despite its high price?

Reindeer meat has the delicious but distinctive taste of game and the meat is fine-textured and tender. It is also extremely low in fat content.

Poronkaristys, or sautéed reindeer, is the best known dish based on fresh reindeer meat, but reindeer steaks provide an excellent alternative to everyday beefsteak. Warm or cold-smoked reindeer meat is also popular.


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