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Almost 95% of the Costa Rican population are of Spanish or Mestizo (mixed) heritage, heavily influencing the country's cooking style. Costa Rica's traditionally mild, not over-spiced cuisine usually features rice and beans, which are also the main ingredients in the national recipe, gallo pinto.

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Costa Rica

Desserts & Sweets (Postres)

Common desserts are queque seco (Orange Pound Cake), Miel de Chiverre (Sweet White Spaghetti Squash), Tres Leches, Arroz con leche (rice pudding), and Suspiros (Meringues).

Others include:

cono capuchino—an ice-cream cone topped with chocolate

dulce de leche—a syrup of boiled milk and sugar. Also thicker, fudgelike cajeta—delicious!

flan—cold caramel custard

mazamorra—corn starch pudding

melcocha—candy made from raw sugar

milanes—chocolate candies

pan de maiz—corn sweet bread

queque seco—pound cake

torta chilena—multilayered cake filled with dulce de leche

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Recipes


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