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Argentina is one of the world's major food suppliers. It is a major producer of beef, wheat, corn, milk beans, and soybeans. Argentine cuisine evolved distinctly from the rest of Latin American cuisine because of the heavy influence of Italian, Spanish, French and other European cuisines.

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"A vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water." —anonymous

It is often said that Argentina is second only to the US as the largest consumer of beef in the world. That's a lot of beef, considering that Argentina has a population of 40 million people, compared to the 300 million people in the United States!


Recipe for Making an Argentine

Add in the following order:

Allow to cook for 300 centuries at low temperature. Before serving, quickly add five Italians, a Russian Jew, a German, a Galician, three-fourths a Lebanese, and finally a whole Frenchman.

Allow to sit for 50 years, then serve.


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