Great Fish, Quick


This cookbook was a Julia Child Cookbook Award Finalist in 1998.

A Finalist in the First Book Category

Great Fish, Quick
Author: Leslie Revson
Publisher: Broadway Books

Fish In Pan  

"Great Fish, Quick" Cooking Tip:

The Right Pan for Roasting

"When considering baking or roasting times for cooking fish fillets, take into account the heft of your roasting pan—the heat of the oven does the work in conjunction with the heat transferred by the pan.

"If your pan is light, like unlined stainless steel or thin aluminum, it will cook 2 to 5 minutes faster than thicker metals like iron or heavy gauge aluminum. There's one simple reason: A light pan gets hot more quickly than a heavy one. A heavy pan takes a few extra minutes to heat through before it begins transferring its heat to the fillets. And no, this isn't a recommendaition for lighter pots and pans—I prefer heavier ones because they conduct heat more evenly—but it's good to know what to expect from the equipment you have. In fact, I tested these recipes using a thin roasting pan, imagining that to be the one most commonly owned."

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