Catalan Cuisine

by Colman Andrews

Catalan Cuisine


Once an undiscovered gem among Europe's culinary traditions, the cuisine of Catalonia, a province of northeast Spain, has become an inspiration to some of the world's top chefs. Catalan Cuisine is the definitive guide to authentic Catalan cooking—the book that introduced this remarkable cuisine to America, and a volume that is found today in the kitchens of some of Catalonia's most famous chefs.

Using many of the same fresh ingredients as other Mediterranean cuisines—tomatoes, garlic, olives, beans, pasta, fruits, and a bounty of meat and seafood—Catalan cooking combines them in unexpected and mouthwatering ways. With 200 showstopping recipes that are easy to prepare and sure to amaze—plus fascinating facts about the traditions, history, and culture of Catalonia—Catalan Cuisine is required reading for any adventurous cook or Spanish food aficionado.

About the Author

Colman Andrews is editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine and the author of Flavors of the Riviera and Everything on the Table. He has received the International Association of Culinary Professionals' Bert Greene Award for magazine food journalism and was awarded the James Beard Foundation's M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award. He lives in New York and Connecticut.


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Catalan Cuisine
by Colman Andrews
The Harvard Common Press
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ISBN: 1-55832-329-5
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Catalan Cuisine


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