The Sober Kitchen
Recipes and Advice for a Lifetime of Sobriety

by Liz Scott

The Sober Kitchen 
"This is a remarkable and original cookbook with valuable recipes and information."
     —Marion Cunningham, author of
     The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

For the millions of people who struggle to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle free from alcohol and drug dependence, practical and informative litertaure on cooking and eating in recovery has been virtually unavailable—until now. Professional chef and recovering alcoholic Liz Scott serves up this ground-breaking cookbook—full of vital information on basic nutrition, current addiction science, and realistic advice, as well as 300 recipes—to encourage and enhance a recovered lifestyle.

  • In Phase 1, immediate issues such as nutritional replenishment and common cravings are tackled head on with chapters on beverages, snacks, soups, and simply prepared meals.
  • In Phase 2, when acute symptoms have waned, the focus is on creating comfort at the table and healing emotions and relationship through the power of food, with recipes for leisurely breakfasts, comfort-food entrées and sides, and delectable desserts.
  • In Phase 3, the focus is on the lifelong development of healthy eating with chapters on salads, vegetarian alternatives, and food as preventive medicine. This phase concludes in celebratory fashion with delicious remakes of traditional alcohol-laden dishes.

Throughout, Scott provides the advice, support, and research needed to stay on the path to sobriety, making The Sober Kitchen a comprehensive nutritional and culinary lifestyle companion for the recovering alcoholic and for those who cook for and care about them.


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The Sober Kitchen
Recipes and Advice for a Lifetime of Sobriety
by Liz Scott
Harvard Common Press
$32.95 cloth
ISBN: 1-55832-220-5
$19.95 paper
ISBN: 1-55832-221-3
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The Sober Kitchen



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