The Tadich Grill
A History of San Francisco's
Oldest Restaurant, with Recipes

by John Briscoe

Tadich Grill 
Enduring earthquakes, fires, as well as changes of name, location, and ownership, the establishment and its recipes still stand: The Tadich Grill is California's oldest restaurant.

In 1849, an unassuming coffee stand was founded on the San Francisco waterfront. The constants throughout the Tadich's evolution have been hearty seafood and other local specialties, and the stewardship of Croatian American families. John Tadich immigrated to San Francisco in 1872 and started working at the then-called New World Coffee Saloon soon after, becoming sole owner in 1887. He sold the restaurant in 1928 to the Buich family, which has carried on the Tadich tradition ever since. A destination restaurant and a local treasure, the Tadich Grill continues to evoke an old-world feel. The Tadich Grill captures the history, ambiance, and flavors of this San Francisco institution, presenting a warm portrait of a true culinary success story.

The book features over 100 archival photographs that chronicle the restaurant and the city that grew up around it and presents 30 of the Tadich's signature recipes. It also includes a culinary history of San Francisco from the time the Tadich was founded.

Author John Briscoe is a San Francisco-based attorney specializing in environmental law. His father first took him to the Tadich at the age of five; he has been a regular for about 35 years and knows the Buich family well. John lives in Lafayette, California.


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The Tadich Grill
A History of San Francisco's Oldest Restaurant, with Recipes
by John Briscoe
Ten Speed Press
Hardcover, 200 pages
Price: $27.95 (CAN $48.00)
ISBN: 1-58008-425-7
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The Tadich Grill



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