Classic Home Desserts
A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes

By Richard Sax

Classic Home Desserts  
Newly rejacketed for Mother's Day, a modem masterpiece Classic Home Desserts by Richard Sax is the winner of both a James Beard Award and a Julia Child Cookbook Award.

For this collection, unmatched in the field of dessert cookbooks, Richard Sax devoted more than a decade to searching out and perfecting 350 of the world's best and most beloved home desserts. Everything the cook longs for is here: cobblers and crisps, cakes and cookies, puddings and soufflés, pies and pastries, ice creams and sauces. Extensive sidebars—profiles of cooks, engaging recollections of favorite desserts, quotations from hundreds of literary works, and excerpts from fascinating of recipes—make this an indispensable, lively volume.

"A wonderful collection of uncomplicated yet delicious desserts."— USA Today

"These cozy sweets are the stuff of dreams and the beginning of family ritual."— People

"Carefully wrought recipes to tempt the baker planning for the holiday."—New York Times

Richard Sax was a prolific cooking writer, cookbook author, chef teacher and humanitarian activist until his death in 1995. He received a James Beard lifetime Achievement Award in 1995.

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Classic Home Desserts
A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes

By Richard Sax
Houghton Mifflin, May 2000
Hardcover, $35.00
688 pages, 48 color photographs
ISBN: 0-618-00391-6
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Classic Home Desserts



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