Julie Sahni's
Tips For Working with Spices


In addition to contributing flavor and aroma to a dish, spices contribute to the color, piquancy, heat and texture of the finished dish. They also act as preservatives, an added benefit since dishes can he prepared ahead and refrigerated for several days without any change in flavor or appearance.

  • Spices must be cooked to be easily digested, so add them early in the cooking process. You can also use precooked spices by toasting them whole, grinding them, and sprinkling them over the finished dish.
  • Most spices should be purchased whole and stored in airtight containers in a cool, dry place. Spices release more fragrance with crushed, so grind small quantities as needed in a spice mill or coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle.
  • Remember that spices and herbs are like perfume: they must be handled with a delicate touch—just enough to tease the palate, leaving behind a trail of exotic intrigue and haunting secrets.

Julie Sahni's
Introduction to Indian Cooking

By Julie Sahni
Ten Speed Press
Paperback, $16.95
Full-color photo inserts
ISBN: 0-89815-976-8
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Julie Sahni's
Introduction to Indian Cooking



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