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(There's a simple converter—just teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.—further below.)

Find a delicious international recipe? Or, do you just want to see how many kilograms you weigh? With this cooking calculator you can convert feet to meters, pounds to grams, gallons to liters, and Fahrenheit to centigrade. Plus a chart to help decipher British food terms. It's all here.


To use: Enter the original number you want to convert. Then find the measurement button for the conversion you want.

Example: You have a recipe calling for 2 teaspoons. How much is that in milliliters (ml or mL)?

Enter the number 2 into the empty white field at the top of the calculator. Press the teaspoons to ml button. The answer that appears in place of the 2 is 10. 2 teaspoons equals 10 ml.

Need different gram conversions? Try this Grams Converter.


Here's a simple converter:

Measures & Equivalency Tables


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