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Haiku of Food: Examples and Links


From Haiku Masters:

A single yam leaf
contains the entire life
of a water drop

At the over-matured sushi,
The Master
Is full of regret.

The radish puller
pointing with a radish root
teaches me the way.
— Issa


from Foodwine.com:

A child's game,
I press the balloon against my tongue.
Pop! The tomato bursts.

Fifty nine cents a pound.
Bushels of cherries grow
From such a small bee.

A raincloud waits.
Wisps of steam billow up.
The rice cooker rattles.

Red cabbage bleeds.
The sinks turns purple.
Could it be envy?

Charcoal embers glow.
Could this juicy tenderloin
Be from a cow gone mad?


Haiku poems using a single subject — rice:

My spirit flew away
Not knowing I was hungry...
You are grains of rice.

A tiny grain floats
Down paddies to dry fields...
An ant takes a ride.

Grains white as cat teeth
Rub gently against my lips.
Just add water.

Monsoon waters flood.
Paddie farmers smile ankle deep...
The drought destroyed.

Seasons come and go
But you are constant as rice
Sitting at my table.


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