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The Halloween Body Shop
Edible Body Parts for Halloween

Our Motto: "Parts Is Parts"

By Kate Heyhoe

Here's our frightening guide to Halloween gore—all using real foods. Blindfold your victims as you escort them on this tactile tour of a "Taste of the Dark" (Halloween is much scarier when you can touch and hear, but cannot see), and guide them gently through a special passage to "The Haunted Body Shop"—where the motto is "parts is parts."


The Haunted Body Shop:
Body Parts Directory

  • Teenage Werewolf Hearts: Peeled, roasted chestnuts ("good to eat—feel the ridges on your tongue")
  • Bat's Toenails: Whole caraway or cumin seeds; "crush them in your teeth."
  • Batwings: Smoked turkey wings (without the drumstick); beef jerky lightly soaked to soften.
  • Bloody Nuns' Hearts: poached eggs in chunky salsa.
  • Breaking Fingers: Wieners pierced with a thin breadstick; snap in half. (use a skewer to make a hole through the length of the wiener first).
  • Burned Rats & Rattails: Long green anaheim chiles (fresh, with stem), charred until blackened.
  • Coagulated Bat's Blood: chunky fruit purée with granola.
  • Cockroach Carcasses: Rice crackers—the ones shaped like little logs.
  • Dead Baby Brains: A bowl of overcooked, mushy cauliflower and eggplant, with large, round capers; can also be anyone's brains.
  • Dead Baby Fat: Tofu, preferably silken soft but any variety will do.
  • Dead Ears: Dried apricots, apples or pears.
  • Dead Witch Veins: Cooked buccatini (hollow spaghetti), chilled.
  • Decaying Flesh 1: dried phyllo dough sheets.
  • Decaying Flesh 2: baked puff pastry.
  • Decaying Flesh 3: mashed potatoes topped with flakes of the above.
  • Decaying Flesh 4: Corn meal mush, or polenta, dried and in chunks.
  • Decaying Flesh 5: Toasted dried seaweed sheets (Japanese nori); crush them.
  • Dried Lizard Legs: fried La Choy Noodles.
  • Dried Worm Exo-Skeletons: fried La Choy Noodles.
  • Ectoplasm: Applesauce.
  • Eyeballs 1: Popping: Cherry tomatoes set in gelatin (Jello) in an ice cube tray—stick one in the victim's mouth and tell them to bite down.
  • Eyeballs 2: Peeled grapes in a bowl; stick the victim's hand in.
  • Eyeballs 3: Olives stuffed with cream cheese and a squid tentacle.
  • Eyeballs 4: Fish eyeballs: martini pearl onions in a bowl of honey; raisins plumped in oil.
  • Fresh Vomit: Chunky Salsa & Canned Corn, mixed.
  • Missing Toe or Finger: Piece of carrot, cut to proper size, peeled and dried for 2 days.
  • Pus Soup: Mayonnaise and green salsa.
  • Rotted teeth: Unpopped (or partially popped) popcorn kernels; Cornnuts; pine nuts.
  • Skeleton hair: Corn silks.
  • Vampire's Earwax: Fudge.
  • Worms: Spaghetti in a bowl; spiral-shaped rotini make good locust larvae; stick victim's hand in.
  • Zombie hair: scraped, cooked spaghetti squash.

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