Fear of Flying


One of six Americans are afraid to fly. The rest of us just suffer from the normal stress of life and travel. What can you do to combat these effects?

  • Listen to calming music. American, Quantas and other airlines now offer a new wave or serene audio channel, enhanced by breathing techniques and meditation exercises.
  • Other airlines' stress reducers: Virgin Atlantic's head and neck massages, and manicures; British Airways' eye compresses, facial sprays and their radically new seats that recline into beds, complete with sheets and PJ's.
  • Tune out the surrounding environment and passengers. Other people can affect your pleasure, so don't let them. Focus inward, read or listen to music. Use eyeshades and earplugs to help create a cocoon effect.
  • Ask for a pillow or two. Besides making a more comfortable journey, pillows are soft and cuddly and can at least make you feel more at home.

Healthy Travel Tips

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