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Braised Duck with a Lift

Braised Duck with a Lift

by Robert and Molly Krause

Yield: 4 servings

This is a richly complex combination, with the deep intensity of cocoa powder, the bold burst of red wine, and the bright lift of fresh mint. Cocoa and mint often get paired (think minty hot chocolate), as do cocoa and red wine for baking applications (think cocoa merlot cake), but it's rare to find them all grouped together.

In the application recipe, they become a braising liquid for duck (also great for chicken or other poultry), with slow, long cooking that softens and incorporates the flavors. To preserve the mint's zing, add it at the very end. These bold flavors work well with rich meats such as duck, lamb, and squab.

Complete recipe: Braised Duck with a Lift

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